Thursday, March 5, 2009

Player Tester Information

All Player Testers will receive an email that will give you information on the following:

What being a player tester means.
How the mud staff will be working with you.
Testing on your own for fun.
Testing as requested.
Rewards for being a tester.
Your Character Info (including password and login)

Being a player tester means that you are allowed early access to an otherwise closed to the public mud.  The staff for Athens has been working hard for over a year now to create a great new mud set in ancient Greece.  Although our mud is growing very large, only a small area is ready for player testing - the city of Athens itself.  As more areas are finished to our standards, they will be opened to you for exploration.   These are temporary characters that you’re being given.  When the mud opens officially to the public, you will be given a new character to start out with.

The mud staff will be there to talk to you about questions you may have and bugs that you encounter while playing.  That is after all, the heart of what player testing is about, communication.  If no staff member is on and you encounter a problem, please make sure to submit a bug note inside the game.

As you explore and quest in Athens you’re free to run foot loose and fancy-free just like an ordinary player on a mud.  This is how you find things and react as a genuine player would, providing us with an accurate testing.

Sometimes a staff member will have a problem or project they are working on and will ask you for assistance or your opinion.  Please be sure to cooperate with them first and foremost.  This is how the mud improves and we’re so glad you want to be a part of this process.

The rewards for being a player tester are: You will have been playing the game for a while before the public can gain access and will therefore know your way around better and be comfortable with the mud; you will have a sense of pride, knowing that you helped to make Athens a better place, and your new character after mud opening will be given an in game reward.

You can have your name changed when you log on by speaking to me.

I’d like to thank you for your participation in this program and hope to see you in Athens soon.

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