Saturday, June 19, 2010

Announcing WOD SIG!

It's official! RTR is hosting a World of Darkness Special Interest Group. You can sign up starting today!

To create a sense of community and to encourage a genre-focused group, the WOD SIG will have a mailing list that is specific to RTR members who choose to be on it. I'll be creating a site where our members can upload member-created content and tools to help with WOD games.

Some of the events that the WOD SIG will be hosting in the future are:
Horror Themed Movie Nights (Vampires, Werewolves, and Monsters. Oh my!)
Character Creation Sessions
General WOD Meetups
Dark Carnival

The WOD SIG members will receive monthly newsletter. The newsletter will cater directly to the RTR member's WOD needs. In the newsletter you'll find:
Game Announcements - House Games, Try it Outs, Campaign Launches, GM Advertisements (Looking for more/new players)
Player & GM Interviews
Dark Carnival Updates
WOD SIG Organizational Meetings
Helpful WOD Hint of the Month
and more!

Please respond to this post on the RTR website or email me if you would like to be included in the WOD SIG. Anyone interested in helping with the organization and management of the WOD SIG should also send me an email.

Thank you for your interest in the RTR SIGs. Look for a WOD SIG kick-off event soon!


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