Monday, December 15, 2008

5x Charger and 5x Blood Knight Tabbard and Ramparts Completed

We own this bridge!

The paladins hit 60 the other day, despite my vacation at the beach, it didn't take long. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for an additional team. Their survivability is awesome and I can count the times I got into a jam and someone died while questing to 60 on one hand.

I went back and did the quest line for the paladin tabards and their mounts.  I did the quests (including gathering the materials) instead of just purchasing the mounts.  I think it's horribly lazy that players can do that now.

About Time!

Better Late than Never.... Got the last boss of Ramps down, hadn't attempted him since around level 62 (got my arse handed to me by the AOE before).

I had been very frustrated with the instance after my original failed attempts. I could get the first two bosses just fine but the last one always got me. Since I was feeling pretty good after getting my epic mounts (after my mains had left over gold from saving for cold-weather flying) I decided to go and finish that quest while it was still green. It's a shame that hitting honored means nothing, since all of the gear requires level 70 but at least I'll have it for Northrend I guess.

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