Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blackrock Mountain, a Booster’s Dream?

After having easily boosted my four shaman through RFC, SFK, SM and ZF I was ready for more.  I had planned on going to Scholomance and Stratholme but alas my hunter does not have the keys for either of those locations and I am too lazy to track them down.  So instead I dove into the completely unfamiliar Blackrock Depths.

I used Jame’s guide to Blackrock Depths to pick up all of the quests that I could and to serve as my map.  Following his instructions, this instance was cake.  My shaman are now able to do decent amounts of damage with their totems of wrath up and their other totems helped out a great deal in this instance.  My hunter tanked very well but I could only image how great it would have been with a real tank.  I’ll be gifting up my paladin soon and I can’t wait.  I was not able to finish the instance due to the AOE room after the Seven and before the final bosses.  I did clear a lot of content though and had a surprisingly fun time while grinding my levels.

My strategy:

Small Trash Pulls no totems necessary.  Drop Immolation Trap to give your hunter guaranteed agro.   Steady Shot/Lightning Bolt to pull, Multi-shot and Chain Lightning while mobs run to the group.  Tank the mobs on the hunter, use LB, Shocks, Chain Lighting, Heal and Chain Heal when necessary.  The pet can CC but with small groups that is not necessary.

2 Fire Elemental Pulls – send the pet to elemental #1.  Aimed Shot and Lightning Bolt to elemental #2.  Shot rotation and LB.  Elementals do not usually melee before they’re dead, they cast fireballs from a distance.  Use grounding totems one at a time and you won’t see much damage, also have one shaman drop a fire resist totem.

Set of 6 dwarves – drop totems and immolation trap, you’ll need them.  Make sure to mark with raid symbols any patrols of 6 dwarves you see, those are lethal if they pull while you’re already swamped by another set of 6.  Aimed Shot the priest in the group.  They heal the others and should go down first.  Fortunately, one aimed shot/lightning bolt followed by a multi-shot/chain lightning should kill it by the time the pack arrives.  Let your pet tank the paladin, since he annoyingly bubbles when near death and also shoots you from a distance.  Just remember to heal your pet now and then.  Tank the dwarves that pulled, use LB, CL, Shocks, Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike and more immolation traps until they’re dead.  Finish off the paladin.

Bosses – If they deal fire damage, don’t forget fire resist totem.  All caster bosses should have grounding totems dropped.  Raw dps all bosses. 

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