Monday, December 22, 2008

Boxing Death Knights

It took hours of Painful Questing to get to this Screen Shot
I just finished up the quest to go to Thrall (running the spit and rotten fruit gauntlet). I couldn't return to the runeforge or get more training until that quest was done. Since I was planning on going to Western Plaguelands next, I had to stop at UC and pick up hearthstones. The girls are sitting getting rest xp now while I level my mains.

I made the DK's with the new dark/dusky skin tone and white hair. I finally got immitation Drow to play with. *feels evil*

Yep, they look that awesome.
For anyone else planning on 5 boxing DK's, expect a long haul. The starting area is NOT multi-boxer friendly to say the least. Between drop quests, gathering quests, the terrible torture quest where you end up killing 50+mobs on EACH toon, the bombing quests that can't be Multi-boxed, and the epic-mount quest that Multi-boxing is horrid for, I spend the better part of the day just getting the DK's done with the starting area and getting them initiated into the horde. There were a few quests that worked well as a 5-boxer but for much of the day 4 girls stood around while 1 was working.

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