Friday, September 24, 2010

The Chained Realms

Last night's Game Creation Workshop focused on creating a new, unique setting. Next session will focus on game mechanics. Here are the basic notes that I took last night:


Pre-Steam Punk, Alchemists/Da Vinci Tech, Alternate History, Start of the Age of Enlightenment, Low Magic Level


After the destruction of the ancient planet, clusters of asteroids float in Ether-space. Many are chained together to form Feudal-Style City States.

5 Hero Paths

Alchemy - Prepare potions with components and Ether

Holy Magic - Pray for divine miracles and gifts

Gadgetry - Create fantastical devices

Conjurers - Pull the Ether to create substances

Ether Fighters - Use the Ether directly to enhance their physical prowess


People can walk along the chains; it is a very long journey or pilgrimage.

Caravans often travel along the chains as well. There are dangerous bandits along the way.

Space ships (Da Vinci inspired sail ships) can travel much faster but are expensive to use.

Long voyage ships can travel between clusters of asteroids, but they are very cost prohibitive to use.

The Ether

The Ether is a nebula-like cloud surrounding all of the asteroids. The Ether is phosphorescent and glows brighter during "day" cycles. Some planets are in are pockets where the Ether is particularly thin and only experience "twilight" brightness, never full daylight. Others are in thicker parts of the ether and never experience a true "night".

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