Friday, July 23, 2010

Chronicle: Strange in Minnesota

New World of Darkness

Setting:  Red Wing, a city of many layers.

A picturesque city nestled in between the wooded bluffs and the mighty Mississippi rests unassuming between tourist seasons. The city of Red Wing boasts many festivals throughout the year, each an enticement designed to attract outsiders and support its tourist industry. Welcoming baskets of flowers and American flags hang from the old-fashioned street lamps. The Port Authority takes great care to make sure that all of downtown is attractive and each building meets its strict standards.

The citizens who live here often walk past the tourist traps downtown without giving them a second glance. They work hard in the factories and offices throughout town. The economy has hit the Red Wing Shoe Company especially hard, but fortunately the casino has been hiring. The day to day grind is much the same here as anywhere else in the country. It’s an ordinary life for the people of Red Wing.

Red Wing has its secrets. Halfway between the Twin Cities and Rochester, many travelers pass through – not all of them benign. Drugs traverse Highway 61 and Highway 58 between the larger cities. Red Wing sits at the crossroads. The river brings its own traffic – barges, party boats, steamers and small craft. The woods creep up to the river, allowing the unwelcome to disembark unobserved.

Historical homes and mysterious sites lure in another kind of visitor – the paranormal hunters. From the famously haunted St. James Hotel downtown to the ancient Stone Cairns scattered throughout the valley and many dark lakes, the area is full of the supernatural and unearthly.

Storytelling Style:  Open Sandbox, Detailed World

The game is a horror campaign inspired by Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Supernatural, Call of Cthulhu, Ravenloft and various ghost stories. It is set in a real city that I have a lot of historical, geographical and personal knowledge about. This allows me to run a very open, free choice style of game.

It my intention to run this campaign as a horror game.  Your characters will be mortal humans facing unspeakable terrors who genuinely risk their lives and their sanity during some encounters.

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