Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Colony - SciFi MUD Concept

The Colony - SciFi MUD Concept
Genre: Sci-Fi
Setting: Ancient Colony on Mars
Type: PVP Faction
Concept: Humans vs Robots
Long ago, Humans left their polluted and frozen world behind. They traveled to their terra-formed neighbor, Mars. Early Mars Humans hid from vicious radiation storms in simple caves. Small settlements had long been since been established and the planet's atmosphere and water table partially restored. The mineral rich soil combined with the water to form hazardous pools of acid and foul swamps. The human spirit survived this harsh new home and embraced it.

Deep beneith the mucky surface of Mars, caverns filled with ancient technology wait to be re-discovered. Long-forgotten robots with corroded circuits and broken parts lay abandoned in the first settlement caves. Abandoned and trapped for centuries, the now sentient beings await a time for revenge upon their creators and imprisioners.

This is a good concept. Here are the benefits of going with this Mud idea:

Original Universe
Freedom for creativity
No Copy-right issues
Futuristic Setting
Freedom to allow unique transportation and weapons
No Quests
Limited Scripting
Lots of Terrain
Can be Generated
Not a lot of detail needed, outside of major settlements and caves
Lends itself to a 2D Grid style of building
I am experienced with this type of room building
It can be built very quickly
Limited to no RP
Here are some challenges for this concept:

Original Universe
Takes a while to build up the World
Must make a believable set of locations on Mars
Research Mars and Colonization Theories
Balancing must be dead-on
Factions must not be able to communicate

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