Saturday, October 7, 2006

Dungeon Keepers: Shopping List

While the damaging effects of many poisons are listed in the DMG, there is no price list for poisons. A normal adventuring party doesn't usually spend a great deal of their budget on poison. Here is a quick List of prices that I came up with for the Game.

SourceType/Fort SaveInitial DamageSecondary DamageCost
Drow PoisonInjury DC 13UnconsciousnessUnconscious for 2d4 hrs75
Oil of taggitIngested DC 15-Unconscious90
Small centipedeInjury DC 111d2 Dex1d2 Dex90
BloodrootInjury DC 12-1d4 Con + 1d6 Wis100
Greenblood oilInjury DC 131 Con1d2 Con100
AresnicIngested DC 131 Con1d8 Con120
Black adder venomInjury DC 12-1d6 Str120
Blue whinnisInjury DC 141 ConUnconscious120
Id mossIngested DC 141d4 Int2d6 Int125
Medium-size spiderInjury DC 141d4 Str1d4 Str150
Stripped toadstoolIngested DC 111 Wis2d6 Wis + 1d4 Int180
Carrion crawler brainContact DC 13Paralysis-200
Large ScorpionInjury DC 181d6 Str1d6 Str200
Giant WaspInjury DC 181d6 Dex1d6 Dex210
Lich dustIngested DC 172d6 Str1d6 Str250
Shadow essenceInjury DC 171 Str*2d6 Str250
Dark reaver powderIngested DC 182d6 Con1d6 Con + 1d6 Str300
Sassone leaf residueContact DC 162d12 hp1d6 Con300
Malyss root pasteContact DC 161 Dex2d4 Dex500
NitharitContact DC 13-3d6 Con650
Purple wormInjury DC 241d6 Str1d6 Str700
Terinav rootContact DC 161d6 Dex2d6 Dex750
Ungol dustInhaled DC 151 Cha1d6 Cha + 1 Cha*1000
Dragon bileContact DC 263d6 Str-1500
Insanity mistInhaled DC 151d4 Wis2d6 Wis + 1d4 Int1500
DeathbladeInjury DC 201d6 Con2d6 Con1800
Burnt othur fumesInhaled DC 181 Con*3d6 Con2100
WyvernInjury DC172d6 Con2d6 Con3000
Black lotus extractContact DC 203d6 Con3d6 Con4500

* Permanent
Make secondary Fort Save 10 rounds (1 minute) after initial

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