Friday, September 24, 2010

Fund Raising for RPG Gamers

The problem of how to pay for the Raleigh Tabletop RPG meetups is a common one.  How do large gaming groups support themselves?  While the average game table is hosted in someone's home, a larger group has multiple venues and many events to host.

We're trying something new.  The idea is to create collaborative works to sell online.  Our meetup will be working on a project for e-publication.  Our first fund raiser will be a book of small adventures.  Here's the post that I put up on our meetup site the other day:

The Raleigh Tabletop Roleplay Meetup group is working on a community project and we need your help!

We are making a book of small, two-page, non-system specific adventures. Non-system specific adventures do not include stat blocks, but rather character/monster concepts that a GM can use in a variety of games.

If everyone can make one, small adventure, we will have a great book to offer! This book will be sold online to raise money for our group’s activities. The book’s name is yet to be determined. Expect a poll for this soon!

To make this more exciting, I am hosting this as a contest! Winners will receive prizes, to be announced shortly. I am creating a two-page template for entries and will host a workshop for those that want to to dive right in.

You can submit your adventure(s) either through email, by uploading into the files section on the RTR website or hand them to me on paper.

You can also submit art for the project if you want to. All adventure designers and artists will be given full credit for their submissions in the book’s credit section.

After the contest is over, I will combine the adventures into a PDF Book - Formatting and making them all look cohesive and creating an introduction page, table of contents and index.

This can be a fun and exciting project for group. I hope you have fun with it!

I am  hoping that the gaming community at large will be receptive of this concept.  The e-book should be a fun, creative process for our group to work on.  Hopefully it will be lucrative as well.  Meeting rooms aren't free, after all.

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