Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lilian Whitlock

Lilian Whitlock, Southern Belle and Pacifist?

Lilian Whitlock is the daughter of Henry Whitlock. She was raised on her father’s plantation, Thornhill, a few miles outside of Savannah.

Some of Lilian's attributes:  (Less any that are confidential)

ST 8 HP 10
DX 12 Will 14
IQ 14 Per 14
HT 8 FP 8

Wealthy (with Independant Income: 2)
Social Status: 4
Very Beautiful
Charisma: 1
Honest Face, Sanitized Metabolism, Fashion Sense

Combat Paralysis
Pacifism - Self Defense
Code of Honor - Ladies' Ettiquette
Alcohol Intolerance
Mundane Background

Lilian's Skills:  Body Language, Dancing, Disguise, Games, Gun: Pistol, Gun: Rifle, Gun: Shot Gun, Literature, Observation, Riding, Search

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