Thursday, October 2, 2008

Multi-Boxing Paladins - Melee Mayhem

Even a Banshee Needs to Lament Now and Then

I've already got a high level paladin.  I'm leveling these 4 to catch up with her.

Main uses ASDW as usual, alts use Arrows

Mana users (that don't hang back but pull well) - Alts on follow mode use round robin style /castsequence to pull with mana tap. This pulls the mobs directly into my main and sets the group up perfectly for the attack.
Mana users/ranged/melee mobs - Run up with team on follow, while spamming my seals/judgement macro, get main into position, 'bump' the up arrow to quick get the rest of the group in position.

Actual Gameplay Screenshot of Multiboxing
My current macros for seals/judgement go as follows:
Main: Seal of the Crusader, Judgement, (none)
Alts: Seal of Righteousness, (none), Judgement

I'm running 3 separate auras atm and everyone gets 2 buffs (one macro they bless themselves, the other macro they bless a different pally.

My healing macros:
Little Heal (healing whomever the mob is attacking): Flash of Light
Big Heal (healing whomever the mob is attacking): Holy Light
AOE (everyone self heals): Flash of Light
SH*T! (everyone self heals): Holy Light

So far I don't have macros for blessing of protection or divine protection. I'm manually clicking those. I should figure something out for them. All 4 pallies are RET. If anyone has suggestions for blessing of prot and divine prot macros or how to more effectively use them, I'd appreciate it.

This is a repost of an old blog that I have moved to Blogger.

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