Friday, September 4, 2009

Retro Space

Here it is in all of it's retro glory. Retro-space is a side-scrolling arcade game. There are 3 short levels and 2 difficulty settings.  Download Here!

Not so long ago, in an arcade down the street, space was filled with a vicious onslaught of aliens bent on galactic domination. Relive the excitement of alien invasion style games! In Retro Space waves of aliens threaten our existence and it is your duty to protect all life, as we know it, from ceasing to exist. Go to Retro Space, meet interesting aliens and shoot them.

Game Play Information
The player loses when they have no more ships to fly. Running into planets, asteroids and enemy spacecraft cost the player ships. Some enemies also fire weapons at the player's ship, costing the player's ship hull strength. When a ship has no more hull strength it is destroyed. Blasting away pesky asteroids grants the player 1 point. Destroying an enemy craft gives the player 10 points. Defeating an enemy boss at the end of a level gives the player 100 points.

Player Controls
Arrow Keys: Control ships movement up, down, right and left
Space Bar: Fire the ships lasers
Left Mouse Click: Move to the next screen between levels

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