Friday, March 5, 2010

The Wild Garden

A classic platformer would be a fun and interesting game to create.  This style of game can be casual and played for an hour or two at a time or played more seriously to ‘finish’ the game.

Character Concepts:
Rose – the gardener with the gift!  Rose is taming The Wild Garden while searing for her lost younger sister, Lily.  At her disposal is an arsenal of gardening tools.  Rose is a capable gardener but will advance in  her skills as she clears the garden of its many weeds and harmful critters.  Rose feels that she is responsible for Lily and worries that her sister will get into trouble or become upset at being alone and lost.

Lily – the lost sister.  Lily loves flowers and has surely wandered off while smelling the many blooms in The Wild Garden.  She enjoys the outdoors, but will eventually realize that it is getting late out and start looking for her older sister. Lily is untrained in the ways of a gardener and will need Rose’s help to escape The Wild Garden.

Mole – the evil destroyer.  Mole and his army of nocturnal scavengers run The Wild Garden Underground.  The weeds and other hazards of the garden are important to their organization’s defenses.  Mole will order his critters out into The Wild Garden to take care of the pesky gardener, Rose.  Mole considers his lackeys to be vital to his organization but he is not above sending them in on a hopeless mission to serve as a distraction.

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