Sunday, October 31, 2010

Got Game?

Gamers Hanging Out, Having Coffee and Socializing!

A little over a year ago, Eric and Allie had a vision.  They wanted to meet more gamers.  It can be hard for newly moved gamers to find groups.  GMs often feel they are stuck with players that don't fit their group because there are no other players to recruit.  Eric and Allie dreamt up a sort of match making service for Game Master and Players.  Raleigh Tabletop RPG's was born.  230+ members later, the group is growing strong and has a fantastic sense of community.  The concept could easily be applied in other cities across the country to revitalize tabletop gaming.

What is so special about the RTR?  RTR uses the site to schedule many public gaming events and social events for gamers.  I'll briefly discuss the types of events to give everyone out there in cyberland an idea of what our group does.

Social Events - Important for players and gm's to mingle and get a feel for each other's personalities.  Many of our GMs have found that the best way to spread word about their future campaigns is to chat them up at the casual meetups and movie nights.  Gamers usually have many interests in common and we never run out of topics to discuss.

Try It Outs! - Short, one game scenarios to showcase game systems.  Many of our members enjoy playing and running new games.  We've played a variety of Indie and Published titles.  Try It Outs! are also a great way to introduce players to a new system that the GM might be considering recruiting for a campaign for in the near future.

- Miniature game conventions.  These last about 11 hours (two five our sessions with an hour dinner break).  We typically run 4 games per session for a total of 8 games for an event.  We have an annual World of Darkness event named Dark Carnival.  We have themed events every few months.  The themes we've had so far:  Victorian/Steampunk, Zombie/Apocalpyse, Arabian Nights, Pirate Seas, and a few more that I can't recall off the top of my head.
Game Events

Workshops - Some workshops are geared to GMs to help them with their campaigns and settings while others are geared towards players' needs.  We've had workshops on topics such as:  Villains, Creating Interesting Characters, Settings & Theme, Improv Style RP, Handling Problem Players, and many more.

Game Creation Nights - These are a new type of event that we have recently begun to host.  In a single session we made an entire Indie game and play tested it!  We're working on a second game now, one that takes two events to complete.  These have been a fun way to stretch our brains and learn to work cooperatively with other creative individuals.

House Game - Serialized games that all RTR members can sign up for on a first-come, first-serve basis.  While there is usually an overarching storyline for these games, each game is encapsulated so that members can pop in and out of the campaign as needed without any problems.  These have become a very popular way to host games for our group.

Campaign Launch - When a GM is looking to recruit and kick off a closed campaign, a Campaign Launch is the way to go.  Many of these have turned into successful, long term groups over this past year.  Many times, the campaign launch turns into a character creation event and the players can't wait for the first game session.  This is a great way to get your players enthused about the game, by having them meetup with the other players beforehand.

I have never been in so many different, fantastic games.  The best part is the community that we are creating here.   I'm very proud to be a member of RTR and hope that the great ideas we have utilized will help you in your own hometown.  Gaming doesn't have to be hidden away in your basement or garage (though those are great places to play!).  By getting out and socializing with your fellow gamers, you'll only enrichen our favorite hobby for all involved.

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