Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obsidian Portal - Collaborative & Informative

After the great Obsidian Portal workshop that Eric ran the other day, I thought I'd share some basic information for those that did not get to attend.

Benefits of Obsidian Portal over other Wiki Sites:
  • Made by gamers for gamers - Obsidian Portal has features other Wiki's don't, such as character pages that only the assigned players can edit and GM only hiddable content.
  • Social Networking built in - Obsidian Portal is great for finding players and games in your area.  If you are in need of players, simply check off the box "Looking for Players" in  your campaign's setting page.
The main areas of your Obsidian Portal Page:

The Home Page - Use it as eyecandy to draw in visitors.  Include a link to your "Getting Started" wiki page.  You can also link to the RTR Meetup Site to help promote our local gaming community.

Adventure Log - After each session the GM should post a short synopsis of what happened.  Your players can post Character Journals here as well.  The entries are stored cronologically.

Wiki - The heart of your Obsidian Portal page.  Start off with simple information your players need to know right away (How to make a character, House Rules, etc).  You can expand from there and your players will contribute to the knowledgebase as the game progresses as well.  You can even put "GM Only" comments at the bottom of wiki pages to keep additional information for your own use a secret.

Characters - Add PC's and NPC's here.  You can customize the characters with stats, descriptions and a photo.  Players can add and edit their own chararacter (but as the GM, you can edit their characters too).
Forums - Simple forums best used for out of character conversations such as questions on rules, inbetween game session activities, schedule announcements, etc.

Maps - Upload your map graphic and then use google-powered icons to point to everything from where in the world the party is to where the caravan traveling periliously close to the spooky castle is.


Start out Small - Don't overwhelm yourself by thinking that you need to put up everything at once and that it must look perfect starting at day one.

If your game has been going on for a long time, don't try to go back and re-create Adventure Aogs for every previous session.  Instead put up a single post "Story So Far" and then keep the Adventure Logs going on from that point forward.

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