Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rosaline Brandon's Journal - River of Shit

The pack waded up a river of shit and filth.  Beshilu and other rats swarmed the sewers in Chinatown and gnawed at the gauntlet.  The wall was thin here, but I could sense no Loci nearby.  Perhaps there was still time to prevent a breach between the spirit realm and physical world.  The Rat Catchers asked us to assist them with this emergency.  Their pack was not as strong as ours; they were lucky to have our help.  Such thoughts were fleeting as the nauseating smells permeated the air and stung my sensitive nose. 

The Risen Phoenix, my new pack, were all wolf-men right now.  I do not often take Dalu form but this shape allowed me to use the equipment that I carried and still defend myself.  I considered a partial change – the stench would not assault a human nose so harshly.

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