Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dress the Part - Agent Grant

This was a totally free costume!  I wore black dress slacks, black loafers, a stiff white button down dress shirt and a black suit jacket.  These items were all in my closet, just hanging around for an opertunity to be worn.

Any FBI Agent worth her salt will have sunglasses on.
I wore prescription sun-glasses to complete the look.  My character made use of them, even when it wasn't appropriate to be wearing them.  Running through the woods at night?  Got to look cool, so wear the shades!

The toy hand gun that you see in the photo was provided as a prop by Andy, the GM.  He had one for each of us.  It's nice to have something in your hands to point, draw, fire and lower when your character takes action.

The player's real cell phones, note books, pens and pencils are also fantastic props for this game.  Our GM actually placed a few calls from another room so that only the player whose character got the call would hear the whole conversation.

It would seem that games with a somewhat current time frame make for fairly cheap and easy costume selection.

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