Friday, November 19, 2010

Evil Ravenloft Campaign

I'm designing a campaign in Ravenloft for a group of evil adventurers.  By the end of the campaign they should all be villains trapped in their own Domains of Dread.  What extra concerns does this bring to the table?

1 - What to do with the first characters that cross over the threshold into becoming Dark Lords
I'm planning on letting the players still control their Dark Lords, even though they can't adventure with them once they're trapped in a Domain.  Players will be able to handle minions, henchmen, resources, schemes, and other villain aspects of their characters.  They will be able to continue to adventure through Henchmen and Alternate characters.

2 - Power Checks will be happening far too often and for many unimportant actions
Instead of having characters roll constantly for the many small evil things that they do in the game, I will have them roll only for more important or large scale acts of evil with a higher percentage chance for failure.  I've also let the players know that if a major act of evil fits their story line earlier than then recommended 7th power check failure (or later), I will move them to their Domain at that time.  The goal is to make the transformations happen at important steps along the characters' paths of corruption.

3 - Power Failures and Domains must be custom tailored for the characters
Each character has a background and motivation for their adventuring.  This is key as their powers that they gain must fit their story.  Their torments and curses must also be affected by who they are as individuals.  Their final Domain will reflect the evil deeds that they have done.

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