Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Bad Is Cliche Anyway?

Anyone Hungry?

I've been working on a one-shot adventure for a mini-gaming convention next month, Zombie Apocalypse in Raleigh.  The game that I am running, Braaaaains, is decidely cliche.  In fact, that's pretty much the entire concept.  A cliche zombie movie that the players get to adventure.  Does that mean that I'm not creative and that the game will be a bore?

The Setup:
Picture a nice, quaint little town set in the 1950's.  There's a diner, a drive in movie theater, a small main street filled with shops and other quintessential locations.  The Pre-gen characters are also very classic.  There's a rebel, a nerd, a football player, a cheerleader and other expected characters.

The Twist:
Zombies invade town, of course.  It's to be expected.  These are the shambling, brain hungry kind of zombie that comes to mind.  The wander about town and the only explanation for their existance comes in a few clues from the local radio announcer as the townsfolk call in with information about the invasion.

Yes, it's easy to picture a zombie muttering and thumping its shoulder against the door of the abandoned cabin by the lake.  Does that mean it's too predicable to be enjoyable for the players?  The session lasts for about four hours.  Will I have enough content to keep them entertained and enthralled?

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