Friday, November 19, 2010

MACE - 1st Game Convention Thoughts

I only had a view of the tip of the iceberg.  There was much unexplored territory at MACE as I only played for two sessions on Saturday and both sessions were held in the same room.  That said, I could see that the event was quite large in scale.  The hotel had many conference rooms filled with gamers.  Amid this crowd I ran into quite a few familiar faces from the Raleigh Tabletop RPG Meetup group and would certainly have found more of them if I had been poking around for longer.

It was quite easy to find the games and the tables were well labeled.  Whenever there are so many gamers in close proximity, the noise level can be rather high.  While I would have loved to have been able to record the games that I played, the audio would have been attrocious due to the background noise.

Between sessions a few people got to hear my pitch about the RTR Meetup group.  Business cards were handed out and most people were quite interested in the topic.   It's nice to find out that a large and dynamic group of gamers is meeting in your local area.

Overall, I had a very fun time.  Next year I hope to spend the weekend there, instead of just one day.  It was a positive experience and I'm glad to have gone.

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