Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MACE and More!

Had a super busy gaming weekend and haven't been home to do any work online.  Here's a brief synopsis of what I will be blogging about as I play catch-up this week:

MACE - My First Gaming Convention
I had a great time and will make sure to go to more cons in the future.

FIASCO - First MACE game
Honestly, the most role-play intensive system I've played.  I LOVED IT.

Dresden Files - Second MACE game
Great group, fun game.

Delta Green - Try it Out Scenario
Fun Scenario, lots of Roleplay.

Journal - Call of Cthulhu
More of the story, from Jean Pierre's perspective

GURPS - Aboard the Newe Londone
More of the story, from Lilian Whitlock's perspective

Labynth Lord - Chronicles of a Dead Empire
Introductory Game Journal, from Shayla Kaie's perspective

FUDGE - Sherlock Holmes
DM's Notes

3.5 D&D/Ravenloft - Nefarious Tendancies
DM's Notes

Article - Why No One Roleplays a Telepath
The complications of being a PC with psionics in a role-play intensive game

Article - Evil Campaigns
Plotting out a story for corrupted characters is challenging but fun

Article - Long Term Campaigns
Why is it so difficult for some of us to run campaigns that last more than a dozen sessions?

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