Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adventures in Miniature - Prep

Ooooh Shiney!
"I'm giving a skeletal warrior a bath", I told a friend recently on the phone.  What a way to spend the evening, right?

I had a bunch of minis from Reaper Miniatures come in.  This meant that I had to prep them all.

  1. Remove them all from the blister packs
  2. Give them all a scrub in soap water with a tooth brush, rise and dry off.
  3. Use my Flush Cutters to cut out any separate parts like arms, shields, tomb stones, etc.
  4. Super Glue any extra parts to the appropriate miniature and let the glue dry
  5. Use Files and X-acto Knife to remove any mold lines and excess metal shards.

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