Friday, December 10, 2010

With a Song in my Heart

Everyone at school loves the new music teacher: Other teachers are swooning for him, the girls all have a crush and even the guys find him likable. On a field trip, the characters find themselves in trouble and are now being ushered home by this new addition to the school.

WoD: Innocents is a horror role play game set in a dark reflection of our own world where Werewolves, Vampires and Mages are all very real, if hidden form the average mortal. In this setting you take on the persona of children who come face to face with just how real the supernatural can be. The challenge is finding allies and tools to help face down something that the adults around you think is a figment of your imagination.

With a Song in my Heart is a World of Darkness: Innocents game being run by Jared N. during Dark Carnival's first session. 

Dark Carnival is a free-to play in game day for World of Darkness Games on Saturday, January 22nd.  The first session lasts from 12pm-4pm.  The second session runs from 5pm-9pm.  Sign up here.  Walk-ins welcome!

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