Friday, July 20, 2012

En Garde!

Want to play a 17th Century Swashbuckling Adventure with your fellow RTR members? You could duel your opponents with honor, earn prestige by being a hero at the front, woo a lovely and wealthy lady, attend a large party with your entourge of toadies and much more!

Starting at the August 3rd the meetups, I would have a small print out newsletter of the major events and gossip for the events of Paris the previous month (ie the results of everyone's previous turn). Then anyone with a character could hand me their actions for the next turn. If the player can't make it to the meetup, the due date is 1 week post Raleigh Meetup and they could send it to me via email.

I'd keep an Obsidian Portal Page up for the game to keep track of the NPC's and setting information. You will want to join the Obsidian Portal Page to know what is going on in game. Then during the Raleigh Casual Meetup for the next month, I would hand out results again and the process continues. Each turn takes 1 month in real life.

The fun part of this game is that you, the players, will have to talk to each other some about your intrigues. You can discuss who is applying for an appointment, who just got a new title, and who has been sent off to fight at the front. Conspire about gaining social status and keeping your enemies from gaining their goals. Join a regiment and fight as compatriots!

Normally when En Garde! is run as a play by post game, the players have an annual fee to cover the cost of postage, printing and the GM's time. For our game, we're going to raise a few funds by selling characters for $1. To generate your character for the game, hand me a $1 and it goes straight into the RTR tip jar. Not only do you get to swash your buckle for fun, but you help the RTR get out of the budget red zone.

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